Re: Who owns you?

E. Shaun Russell (
Sun, 6 Jul 1997 22:39:16 -0700

EvMick wrote:

>If I were to own myself there are several things taken for granted in today's
>culture that would be unacceptable.
>Conscription comes to mind....Also the multitude of "Victimless"
>crimes...(Prostitution...Drug Use....Smoking...Pornography...Country Western
>Music....), Taxation...serving on Juries...any occurence whereby property is
>taken against a person's will or a person is forced to perform actions. (key
>words...<forced> <taken>)

Actually (shameless plug here), my current epic poem "The Dawn of
Realization" is going to deal with a lot of the things mentioned above.
Right now, I have based the second Canto on the whole idea of conscription
as well as voluntary warfare; in addition to these concepts, I will also
tackle religion, irrational pessimism and limits in general, just to name a
few. The whole poem is estimated to be done in about three years, but you
can catch the first Canto in the forthcoming edition of Homo Excelsior

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