Re: mindfullness - oops

Joshua F. McMichael (
Sun, 6 Jul 97 08:40:25 -0500

This last message I sent out was a fragment - the beginning of a larger
discussion. Hagbard had given me the link to an intro to E-Prime, and I
grabbed the quote from that. My emailer sometimes mails out unfinished
pieces for some reason. Oops.

>>(1) Noun Phrase-1 + TO BE + Noun Phrase-2 (Identity)
>>(2) Noun Phrase-1 + TO BE + Adjective Phrase-1 (Predication)
>>where TO BE represents an appropriately inflected form of the verb "to be."
>>Critical thinkers have argued against using statements having the structure
>>(1) because they *immediately produce high order abstractions* that lead the
>user to premature judgments.
>Hmm... seems to me that the whole purpose of learning is to "immediately
>produce high order abstractions". Are you against forming high order

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