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Bobby Whalen wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Jul 1997 The Low Golden Willow writes:
> >
> >There's satire, and there's dumb satire. I haven' read RAW myself, so
> >I'm not expressing an opinion on him.
> Although I'm enjoying this topic of discussion, I have yet to hear a
> critique of R.A.W. from people who have actually read him. Personally I
> cannot do him justice - yet I've read every book this man has published.
> If you have a criticism of R.A.W. but haven't read him, what does this
> say about you? Please lend credibility to your arguments by reading him
> first. I look forward to informed debate on this topic.

I've read most of his stuff thats in print. RAW does not deal with
scientific veracity as scientific phenomena, i.e. objective
discriminate data, but as socio-psychological phenomena. He follows the
occult tradition of promoting the investigation of all possible beleif
systems, ideas, theories, etc. on an equal basis as a method for
training the mind to be completely open and able to process information
in a way that allows one to develop many possible lines of connection, a
highly associative mode of thinking. He does not promote the acceptance
of all possibilities on an equal basis as a regular practice, which is
where he separates from most New Agers, whose beleif systems float
hither and yon with the winds. Using his terminology, he wants to help
you see the fnords without getting mindfucked.

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