Harrassment update

Tony Hollick (anduril@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Sat, 5 Jul 97 04:20 BST-1

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Subject: Notice of Legal Action against Southmead Hospital and Staff

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From: Tony Hollick, | To: Philip Chubb,
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Dear Sir, 4 July 1997

Further to my discussion with your Secretary this day, your 'Dr.' Babikar's
actions, and the _continued_ actions of your staff even after the GMC's
position was communicated to them, has damaged my health, and destroyed my
confidence in the integrity of any 'treatment' you provide.

Accordingly I will be lodging a further complaint with the GMC, and
instituting legal proceedings against Southmead hospital/staff.

I will be seeking to arrange more beneficial medical services, which would
necessitate my freely-given and fulllly-informed consent, with full copies
to me, of symptomatology, presenting problem, tentative diagnosis and
suggested treatment plan, with ongoing monitoring as to side effects and
efficacy. [For post-traumatic stress disorder ]

You may expect delivery of all proceedings imminently.

Yours faithfully,

Tony Hollick

For a full chronology 1982-1985:


"And ye shall know the truth; and the truth shall set you free." -- St. John.

Interpolation by TH for CIX 'medical', Extropians and Libertarian Associates:

[ The principal senior investigating officers at Criminal Intelligence
Division, New Scotland Yard, are fully informed as to these matters, and it
will be for the Crown Prosecution Service to consider the questions of
illegal actions and threats by your staff, obstruction of justice and
interference with witnesses.

The relevant US-related matters are directly under consideration by the
Office of the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court, United States of America.

My application for political refugee status in Canada is under parallel
and active investigation by the RCMP.

According to a Conservative Central Office staffer who used to work for
Ross Perot, everyone in the building has been ordered not to speak with

Says it all, really...

As students of lojic and objective truth know, all that matters is the
correspondence of statements with the facts. 'Psychology' or 'psychiatry'
have nothing whatsoever to do with it. Neither does my 'state of mind.'

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