Re: proposal: "transference" as a replacement term for "uploading"

Brent Allsop (
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 17:28:46 -0600

"Han Y. Huang" <> proposed the usage of the word

I kind of like this idea also.

Another possibility I like to think about is the possibility
of how the subjective experience of "transference" might be produced.

First off, I'm a representationalists, so I believe everything
we are aware of is represented in our brain. For me, there is a kind
of 'spirit world' in our mind that is everything we consciously know
via our senses. We aren't really directly aware of the tree out there
we are looking at, but merely a conscious model constructed of qualia
(or spiritual stuff or whatever you want to call it) in our model of
the world in our conscious mind.

At the center of this model of the world in our brain is the
model or conscious precept of ourselves. It feels like we are just
behind our eyes. This physical location must be due to the way this
conscious model is produced in our brain in this conscious world of
our awareness.

In some way the entire world of all our senses is unified into
a single awareness. Our sight, sound, tactile senses are all unified
into a single spirit world of consciousness. If we understand how to
recreate such conscious worlds of awareness we will also understand
how to expand these worlds of awareness. For example, if we add eyes
behind our head and the corresponding additional visual cortex, it
would have to be integrated into and expand the world of our awareness
we already have. Our initial visual cortex would produce our
awareness or model of what we see in front of us and the new one would
add to this, the model of what we see behind us. All in one unified
awareness space. Just as the data from both eyes produces one
combined 3d model of awareness. With eyes around our head our field
of vision could be increased to be 360 degrees wide modeling
everything around us in our consciousness.

Similarly we should be able to add yet another similarly
integrated visual cortex that could be fed data produced by another's
set of eyes. Giving us direct awareness, in the same awareness space,
of another entirely different point of view.

Anyway, what I'm leading up to is, I like to think about the
possibility of synching up the conscious awareness model or spirit
world of the platform we will be uploaded to with our own conscious
awareness before uploading. In other words it will all be one unified
world of awareness. It might be possible to architect it in such a
way that our conscious model of ourselves actually migrates, or moves,
or "transfers", within this unified conscious model of space, which
included representations of the two old and new platforms within it
and their sensual points of view. Everything being universally aware
to this combined consciousness in the same subjective space.

If we understand how to properly control qualia and build and
expand conscious awareness worlds in this way, like our brain does
with the data collected by our current multiple senses, we should be
able to produce the experience of "moving" between hosts in any of
many possible ways. It could be made to feel like an "out of body"
experience where our "soul" (the conscious representation of ourselves
in this conscious space) leaves one body and floats to the new
platform. Or it could feel like our "self" was traversing down the
physical connection as if it was a tube that was unifying the two
conscious worlds into one combined awareness.

Anyway, these technical descriptions are probably way to brief
but I hope at least some of you can get the idea. Anyone have any
other thoughts along these lines?

Brent Allsop