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Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 03 Jul 1997 19:06:21 -0400

Anton Sherwood wrote:
> Anton Sherwood:
> : > Would you kill someone for saying, "My thoughts are the only
> : > privacy I have left; they are not for you" ?
> (M.L. addressed my _next_ question at length but didn't touch this one.)


In the situation, the person would not be killed for that reason, as
they have committed much more heinous reasons for which to be erased,
but may be spared if they indicated that they had the capacity to be
redeemed. It is to determine whether the material being judged is
capable of being recycled or should be incinerated that such an
evaluation is made... The criminal must demonstrate their capacity to be
redeemed. If he doesn't, lets not waste further tax dollars on him, fry
the mad dog.

I value human life highly. So highly that I feel that people who do not
value human life do not value their own life enough to go on living.

> [...]
> : > (see also the parole hearing in _The Shawshank Redemption_)
> Mike Lorrey:
> : I've seen it. As I recall, the guy who escaped was innocent. [...]
> I refer to Morgan Freeman's character's parole hearing,
> at which he said something like "You know and I know
> that this is all baloney, so just stamp your little papers
> and let me get back to my cell."

And if you compare his performance before the board then to his prior
ones in which he was denied parole, you can visibly see a difference in
the earnestness of the character. Before when he is saying "I've learned
my lesson, etc." you can tell he's bullshitting. When he finally says
what you quote, you can see that he accepts the boards authority to do
what they wish. He is essentially broken. They know then that he is of
no further threat to society...

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