Re: mindfulness (AKA: Dueling Rhetoricians)

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 11:31:48 -0700 (PDT)

> >>Gerhard Richter, painter and essayist:
> >>'I have committed myself to thinking and acting without the support
> >>of any ideology.... Ideologies are always
> >>the seducers and exploiters of ignorance, they justify war.'
> >
> >Ayn Rand, writer and philosopher:
> >'In order to live, man ... needs ... *philosophy*. He cannot escape
> >from this need; his only alternative is whether the philosophy guiding
> >him is to be chosen by his mind or by chance.'
> [I corrected his spelling; sue me]
> They're both right. Philosophy vaccinates one against ideology.

Pity that doesn't seem to work for the goons at ARI as well as it
did for Rand herself.