Re: Hooray for the 10th Amendment ???

Abraham Moses Genen (
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 10:08:32 -0400

Dear Michael and other fellow Extropians,

This dialogue, although quite enjoyable, seems to be going off on tangents
of the hypothetical extremes. This is not that bad, nor is it that good.

I suspect, however, that some of us -- myself included -- might be getting
too emotionally involved and loosing our objectivity on the issue of gun
control by becoming involved in somewhat questionable exegesis.

Possibly, we should further consider what is in the best interest of the
continuing evolution of humankind and its cultures. We should consider in
this context the need for greater altruism in an enhanced humanistic

The political context of our dialogue as well should be strongly
considered if we are to believe that we are all capable of care and
concern for our fellow humans and respectful of their their right to seek
individual freedoms without the imposition of their personal constraints
and and other emotional burdens on other members of society.

Quo Vadis?

A.M. Genen