Re: defending nukeplants

From: Sandor at the Zoo (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 22:40:38 MDT

As a past member of the commercial nuclear community (25 years in the
operations side) I can see nothing inherently unsafe about the "old" nuclear
design. I am speaking specifically about the CE designed plants. I see no
reason for a boiling water reactor design and in fact consider them dirty.
The question of spent fuel is a failure of government to come through on its
promise and forcing the industry to throw away 35 percent of its useable
fuel. There is no "dreaded melt down scenario" outside the mind of hollywood
and those who would rather not see nuclear power at all - see the 70 percent
meltdown of TMI, it was a financial and pr disaster but a public health non

Jerry Imbriale

> I have been told the new generation of nuclear power plant is vastly safer
then its predecessor. And this time around we don't have to worry about the
dreaded "meltdown" scenario. I stil am concerned about the waste disposal
issue though.

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