Re: first line of defense

From: John Grigg (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 21:37:54 MDT

On another Spike Jones inspired tangent, I have been told by Army friends that the army teaches troops how to shoot down low flying aircraft as a team effort. Obviously, the more rifles aimed at a plane, the more bullets being shot at a plane, and so, the odds being that much better of the plane being shot down!

We should all form up into little "shooting clubs" to keep our neighborhoods safe. Mike Lorrey should be put in charge of the online effort to organize this! I bet now redneck areas of this country will now be seen as the safest!! Those poor New Yorkers(like my father) need the right to carry firearms now more then ever.

I'm just concerned about about becoming a casualty in this patriotic effort. You may not get too many shots off before the poison gas does you in! Should we all go and buy gasmasks, or even full biohazard suits? And walking around in such garb with a rifle slung over my shoulder could give people reason to panic...

And what if you shoot down the plane thinking you are alright, when in fact you have been exposed to a horrible disease like anthrax? Well, at least you possibly limited the area directly infected.

I think for any cryonicists among us, it could be a smart move to keep a big vat of liquid nitrogen in the garage. Should you be infected with a deadly disease, simply grit your teeth and gently fall into the vat. I hate to think how painful it would briefly be, but try to think of the potential long term benefit!

I realize this would be done without proper washout and cryoperfusion, yet it would be far better then doing nothing. And Robert Bradbury thinks even these folks would eventually be brought back. I'm sure we've all heard his macho hypothetical scenario which shows his confidence in future technologies.

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