Re: Energy and "the Clash of Civilizations" -- a policy thoughtproblem

From: Hubert Mania (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 03:11:55 MDT

Jeff wrote:

> --- Hubert Mania <> wrote:
> >Imagine a Boeing 747, heading from Frankfurt
> > to the USA is going
> > to be hijacked and with the full load of fuel is
> > flown at full speed into
> > Biblis containment. I bet the concrete shield will
> > not withstand that
> > impact.
> I bet it would. Based on the following factors:

[snip---informations about nuclear plants savety...]

appreciating the data and facts you provide I just want to add the fact that
the concrete containment of the nuclear plant of Biblis near Frankfurt is
two feet thick and no expert was able to guarantee a "747overall savety".

> This is the best I can do considering there is no way
> to actually conduct a test without irritating the FBI
> et al.

That`s for sure :-)


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