Re: first line of defense

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 21:28:47 MDT

Yes and no.

In terms of terminal ballistic effect, .30-06 would be an OK choice,
as would .308; many of the flatter-shooting (fast) varmint rounds ought
to be "better" across a wider bracket of ranges, I think.
Close up, 12-gauge slugs are also a possibility.

Ag-Cats and such are very tough, but the cockpits are not generally armored.
Not clear if the baddies would kevlar or spectra their seats; such armor is
available as flat sheets, few-questions-asked from some domestic sources.
Fuel tanks are of course a big win *if* you manage to strike some nice
sparks; no guarantees you will without specialty ammo. Tracers, for instance,
are illegal in CA.

If the baddie is flying nap-of-earth you might not have a hell of a
lot of time to react, e.g. by the time you get out of your house with
your squirrel rifle, he's in the next section.

Two complicating factors: proper leading takes *much* practice;
and the non-horizontal aimpoint means you will tend to shoot higher
than your sight picture (this happens to be true whether you are
shooting down or up, rather counterintuitively). I'm not ready to
do this sort of thing today.

Given the above, n guys with .223s might be a better choice; your
rate of fire might be significantly higher.
Also, you're of course liable for whatever else (picture windows, people)
your rounds hit. And there's the "discharging a firearm in town" laws.
Rule 4: Be sure of your target.


Spike Jones wrote:
> By now surely you have heard that several middle eastern
> types were snooping around asking questions about crop
> dusters, without any apparent knowledge of which end of
> a wheat stalk one dusts.
> Suppose some yahoo is seen flying low over the burbs spraying
> something. One would have to assume he is a terrorist hoping
> to do some houris that night. F16s would be scrambled, but in
> the mean time, the first line of defense would be proles with
> hunting rifles. I figure the simplest possible attack would be
> some kind of poison gas. To make such a thing effective,
> would not the terrorist need to fly low enough to be
> vulnerable to small arms fire?
> Nowthen, if I am ready to go down to the local sporting
> goods store to look at hunting rifles specifically to help this
> young man meet his houris, what would you recommend?
> Thirty aught six semiauto? spike

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