Re: TERRORISM: and justice

Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 14:19:43 MDT

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<< The struggle against terrorism will take years because it will take that
 long to establish large secure bases surrounding the oil-rich areas of
 the middle east. This is american power projection at it's finest, and
 now using the 9/11 events as an excuse, we can pretty much blackmail
 many of the countries in the region into accepting an american military
 And with the destablizing effects this will have thruout the region,
 why, it's a good thing we're there in force, ready to protect legitimate
 governments from the anger of their own people, isn't it?
 World domination, american style. What do you think?
    -Mike >>
What? and no Disneylands? There is now some information (perhaps propaganda)
implying that The CIA, the Saudi Rulership, Pakistani Intelligence have been
instrumental in helping Osama set up Al Qeida, and Osama would never be
permitted to be brought in alive to testify thus. The Saudi Royals are
surely implicated in his early funding and the next goal of Osama will be to
'bring the West to its needs by hitting the Saudi Oil system.

This explanation could be an excuse cooked-up to justify and Oil take-over.
On the other hand, human stupidity is not merely an American talent, and our
Saudi and Pakistani friends could have screwed the pooch by playing nice-nice
with Osama's activities. This could also hand America the ball, without a
grand conspiracy.

Cheaper then a war, would be the production of Heavy Crude Oil, and Natural
Gas conversion into gasoline, coal to gasoline, and yes, renewables if
technically achievable soon enough.

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