Re: Steganography

From: KPJ (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 08:52:38 MDT

It appears as if Louis Newstrom <> wrote:

First, "they" said that this computing power did not exist. Technology advanced.
Then "they" said that no private citizen would be able to get a hold of such
raw computing power. Technology (or at least creativity) advanced.
Don't believe "them". Any code will eventually be cracked. And it may not
take as long as we think.

With luck, one can try decoding and happen to find the correct key on the
first try. But normally "cracking code FOO" means that you can, for any
specific code FOO, decode any of coded messages back into plaintext, and,
often, with the added requirement one can do it in a ``short'' time (say,
a time smaller than the currently expected life time of the universe).

There exists classes of codes (e.g. one-time pads) one cannot crack, even
theoretically, using the above definition of "cracking code FOO".

The powers that be need not break the code, if they can break the human.

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