Re: Raisin Bombers over Afghanistan

From: Miriam English (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 05:41:13 MDT

At 06:01 PM 27/09/2001, Hubert Mania wrote:
>Robert Bradbury wrote:
> >What is the population of Afghanistan?
> > 28 million. That looks something like 28000 *tons* of
> > food per day. The payload capacity of a C5 is ~92 tons
> > and the C17 is even less at 77 tons. So you are talking about
> > something like 300+ air missions per day.
>Well, thatīs the reality shock I was not prepared for. Robert, when I
>suggested to get the raisin bomber fleet started I was not thinking at all
>about feeding 28 million people every day for a long term. I knew it could
>only have a small impact, not much more than a symbolic effect. But then:
>there are 19 countries as memebers of the NATO and every nation could send
>some of its aircrafts with its most famous food on board: French cheese,
>Italian pasta, German bread, and so on.

I agree. Nobody said it would need to give everybody a square meal.
It would be sensible to target areas of special need.

>...considering the danger of being shot by Taliban missiles,
>as Damien and others have objected, it will - at least in this historically
>symbolic form - remain a dream.

Anybody know the range of stingers?
Could the planes dropping the food packages fly above the danger.

>You may say I`m a dreamer. But, imagine ... there is a war and all innocent
>civilians will be fed.

It still seems a really cool idea to me.

         - Miriam

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