Re: CANCER: Okay, so I got it and then smiled.

Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 17:18:09 MDT

Natasha - That's very frightening, but I am glad that they were able to
catch it early and give you good treatment. I know a number of people
who have survived cancer and while you can't ignore it, you can certainly
still look forward to a long and healthy life.

In a sense, everyone has cancer. We've got small cell colonies all
over our bodies that are misbehaving, growing, mutating, trying to hit
the right combination so that they can spread. It's like weeds in the
garden, life wants to grow. The only problem is that we are the garden
and the weeds can kill us.

Your ideas about nutrition and drinking plenty of water sound good,
as well as frequent tests. Plus in the next decade or so they will
undoubtedly have better treatments and screening. It is great that you
are able to be hopeful and positive as you move ahead with your life.


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