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Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 11:28:10 MDT

I am afraid that the Koran, Bible, Torah &c. are wholly unreliable
sources, and those humans who regurgitate supernaturalist
nonsense from such sources are just not intellectually respectable.

This archaic, divisive, delusional consciousness needs to be purged
from the planet as soon as possible. Median Vision Theory refutes
all supernaturalist beliefs utterly. But just common-sense is all
you need to reject all religious beliefs and with them the other false
layers of belief and language that have corrupted human-era philosophy.

I have decided, as a step against brainwashing and dissemination of lies,
to release all my early Phantom Eye/ Primal Eye/ Median Vision Theory
texts to the public domain to be freely distributed by whoever wants to
reproduce them.

I am also considering putting on hold various patents pending on
of Median Vision Theory & entering into agreements with other parties to
costs and benefits of MVT developments (Reverse Hypnosis, Conscious

MVT is now taught in some UK Philosophy departments, as well as the
CD being on Philosophy A-Level reading lists. Philosophy CDROM will also
be distributed at a COST-PRICE discount to all schoolkids and students who
want it.
Islam according to the Koran will supposedly win the "war" against all other
religions. But truth and evolutionary science will triumph over all
religions .....

Posthuman Blessings

> Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:28:58 -0700
> From: "Joe Dees" <>
> Subject: Ground Zero and the Saudi Connection
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> The first thing to do when trying to understand 'Islamic suicide bombers'
is to forget the clichés about the Muslim taste for martyrdom. It does
exist, of course, but the desire for paradise is not a safe guide to what
motivated the appalling suicide attacks on New York and Washington last
week. Throughout history, political extremists of all faiths have willingly
given up their lives simply in the belief that by doing so, whether in
bombings or in other forms of terror, they would change the course of
history, or at least win an advantage for their cause. Tamils are not
Muslims, but they blow themselves up in their war on the government of Sri
Lanka; Japanese kamikaze pilots in the second world war were not Muslims,
but they flew their fighters into US aircraft carriers.
> The Islamofascist ideology of Osama bin Laden and those closest to him,
such as the Egyptian and Algerian 'Islamic Groups', is no more intrinsically
linked to Islam or Islamic civilisation than Pearl Harbor was to Buddhism,
or Ulster terrorists - whatever they may profess - are to Christianity.
Serious Christians don't go around killing and maiming the innocent; devout
Muslims do not prepare for paradise by hanging out in strip bars and getting
drunk, as one of last week's terrorist pilots was reported to have done.
> Stephen Schwartz is the author of Intellectuals and Assassins, published
by Anthem Press.

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