Re: Raisin Bombers over Afghanistan

From: Hubert Mania (
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 02:42:48 MDT

Samantha writes:

> "Hubert Mania" <> writes:
> >.... Though the Government
> > and the oppositional parties officially stand "as one wo-man" behind
> > President Bush, there is much irritation about German soldiers preparing
> > for war.

> It disturbs me that any people anywhere are standing "as one" behind Bush
> and his plans....

Standing "as one" is the official Government position. There is of course a
strong movement against military involvement, but critical voices were shut
down in the last two weeks when 200.000 people gathered in the centre of
Berlin to express their sorrow for the victims of terror and their
solidarity with the US nation. The whole German nation stopped working
and moving for five minutes at 10 o´clock in the morning two days after the
events in NY and Washington in silent memory of the victims. People here
are shocked to learn that the civil kamikaze attacks were probably planned
in Hamburg. So everybody feels worried and helpless.

> Freedom and justice requiresmore of us than standing "as one". It
> requires questioning everything every step of the way.
> Blind faith in our leaders or in US leaders is very dangerous and an
> insult to true democracy and true patriotism.
> - samantha

Of course there were and there are warnings not to get involved too
seriously in a war nobody can win. But anyone who is calling for a more
sensible approach to the problem of terrorism is confronted with the
stereotype answer that especially Germany has to be a true friend and
support every step of the Bush administration though parliament first has
to approve NATO decisions. There probably will be enforcements
concerning the restriction of privacy and there will definitely
even be additional taxes on cigarettes to pay for there armament of the
German forces. So: smoke another and you support the war against terrorism.


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