Re: Is there still a chance for us?

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 17:21:58 MDT

Jeff, I suspect that there would be a lot of infection with the "minor" virus
such as EBV, CMV etc that on a large scale would not be good. Also major
virus or other disease vectors (BSV,HIV and who knows what else)could be spread.
There is enough problems with whole blood products as it is.

One question I had was how long the immunity lasts. If you were vaccinated
as an
infant and then re-vaccinated as a young adult and the second did not take
(no second scar) does that mean you had adequate protection from smallpox at
the time of the second vaccination? And does that provide any indication of
protection as an adult?

Best Wishes


>What then would happen if, when person U were to be
>exposed, transfusions between U and V, back and forth,
>were to be commenced?

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