Raisin Bombers over Afghanistan

From: Hubert Mania (mania@welfen-netz.com)
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 07:31:20 MDT

Browsing through the postings on extropy list concerning the war against
terrorism I must think about the new pre-war situation
that worries the people of my home country Germany. Though the Government
and the oppositional parties officially stand "as one wo-man" behind
President Bush, there is much irritation about German soldiers preparing for

When in 1948 the Soviet Union as a form of political pressure cut off Berlin
from all traffic, American aircrafts of the type C-47 supplied Berlin with
food and coal by an airlift and prevented a mass famine. At that time West
Berlin was an island in the middle of East Germany. The West Berlin
population survived and gratefully called the airplanes "raisin bombers"

When I see the starving children in Afghanistan, I think it is high time for
another raisin bomber fleet, this time heading to the middle east. And I
guess this could be a fine humanitarian contribution of the German Air Force
to the Bush war.



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