Is there still a chance for us?

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Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 06:06:36 MDT

23 September 2001

Is there still hope left?

We as human beings and inhabitants of earth are faced with one of the
greatest moments in human history. Our
world is on the brink of cataclysmic change. Many known and unknown
civilizations that have come before us
have been at this moment in time. Perhaps forces deep with inside the
earth such as volcanoes or earthquakes
have triggered these events. Maybe these events came from the deepest
reaches of outer space or even from
disease or divine intervention.

Whatever the case as you read this, the human society in whole has the
chance to choose it's own destiny. There
have been some of the most horrific events in recent history that have
occurred over the last year. From mothers
killing their babies for no reason to the mass amounts of children
killing out
of control. All of this culminating with
the suicide attacks that have been occurring around the globe and the
infamous WTC attack of 11 September

Lets face some facts here:

Iran has no less than 38 intermediate range nuclear missiles ready to
India and Pakistan have full nuclear capabilities.
Israel is fully nuclear and willing to preempt any threat that they feel
is real.
Iraq.... What do you think?
And of course all the others.

Lets not even talk about the biological and chemical weapons.. Anthrax
always a favorite when people talk
about bio weapons. The thing is that it is very difficult to deliver
affectively. Not to say that it isn't a real threat
especially on the defined battlefields. To other places in the world it
affective unless it is delivered by
someone like Russia or the USA who really has the means. God only
hopes that Iraq can't deliver it yet via their
SCUD Missile system. This would be a clear threat for Israel's

The main threat is very realistic. SMALL POX. This deadly disease is
extremely contagious and very resilient.
Once it is out it doesn't just die and disappear. You are talking about
infected person could cause a wildfire
affect across a nation and the globe. This viscous disease will kill
within a
week. The USA for example only has
a total of 7 million vaccines available. And guess who they are for??
That's right the US military and the
government officials. SMALLPOX escaped the controlled laboratories with
the end of the Russian communist
regime. Not to say it has infected anyone outside of their testing
conditions; this is to say that the deadly disease
is now in the hands of people who are not afraid to use it. If you
anything less than this, don't confuse
ignorance with hope.
So this brings us back to choice. Yes it is our human obligation to
up to and overcome evil. This has been
the eternal human struggle. Whether those evils came from within
ourselves or from outside forces. The
perspective of good and bad and right and wrong is always been subject
to the way in which you view it. There
have been times in our human history where good and the better for all
man kind have not prevailed.

We as humans of this time and place have made tremendous
achievements and monumental failures. We are at
the cusp of discovery and surging our civilization into the outer
reaches of
space and time. The required
resources, technology, and human endeavor are at our collective
fingertips. As a world of one people (with
many individual desires) working together for a common goal we can
achieve things we haven't even imagined
yet and things that we have.

So here we are today. No ideas no matter how noble or evil ever works
out the way we have them planned.
This conflict is now already out of control and has reached critical

The question is how fast will this uncontrolled reaction take to
Days, weeks, months??

Make no mistakes, WE ARE THERE!!

Here are the simple choices:

1) Let it ride; don't change anything.. Over 90% of the world human
population will be gone. To be left after it is
said in done wouldn't be a bad thing.. The opportunity to survive and be

the seeds to the next civilization and
help pickup where the last one left off. To have learned from the
and be able to teach and grow again.
Like a natural wild fire that clears out the old growth making way for
new and continuing cycle of an old
growth forest (which there aren't many of those left). Of course the
trick to
this is surviving. Could be tough. Are
you cut out for it? Are you the one in the 720,000,000 million people
will survive?

2) Make the change. Yes it is that simple. Make the change. This has to
come collectively between every
human. Sound like too big of an obstacle? Consider the other option. We
are the people of earth. We are not all
represented by Saddam
  Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Yasser Arafat, Tony Blair, George W. Bush.

People everywhere need to make this choice. All things need to change.
I want to quote John Lennon for some
advice. Past this, you have to go back to choice #1.

     John Lennon

          Imagine there's no heaven
          It's easy if you try
          No hell below us
          Above us only sky
          Imagine all the people
          Living for today...

          Imagine there's no countries
          It isn't hard to do
          Nothing to kill or die for
          And no religion too
          Imagine all the people
          Living life in peace...

          You may say I'm a dreamer
          But I'm not the only one
          I hope someday you'll join us
          And the world will be as one

          Imagine no possessions
          I wonder if you can
          No need for greed or hunger
          A brotherhood of man
          Imagine all the people
          Sharing all the world...

          You may say I'm a dreamer
          But I'm not the only one
          I hope someday you'll join us
          And the world will live as one

Congratulations and good luck to all of you. What a time to be alive.
Embrace this life with all of its infinite
possibilities and wonders. Love yourselves and your children.

Please translate this in to as many languages and forward onto as many
persons as you can.

Remember, every end is just another beginning.

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