RE: The endgame is near -- my comments

Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 09:14:02 MDT

Barbara Lamar <> said:

> James Rogers wrote:
> <<There are escalating issues and competing forces today which threaten to
> severely blunt our goals, thereby
> rendering us helpless to stop even greater threats than those which most
> people think about. ... My goal in surviving isn't to survive another day,
> but to win
> the game. Destroying terrorism isn't a win, but merely a draw; spending
> effort doing so in no way ensures my long-term survival and may indeed
> hamper it. >>
> It might be useful to look more closely at how the "war against terrorism"
> could hamper the goal of long-term survival, winning the game. At the very
> least, it will divert resources from more productive activities.

I dunno...a lot of very productive reseach was carried out during wartime
conditions, and also later, during the Cold War. OTOH, market driven
(really, VC & stock market driven...) research seems to be directed to
generating publicity and subsequent VC funding or stock price increases,
whereas if we have a real enemey, actually killing some of us, and literally
threatening our lives (cf the recent cropduster-bioattack events coming up on
our radar), we would be more motivated to provide funding for "basic"
research where we are really interested in getting solid results....

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