Re: Choosing one's fights, was Re: George W. Bush's Speech on September 20, 2001

Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 00:19:46 MDT

Damien Broderick writes:
> The other day I mentioned my devotion to Aaron Sorkin's astonishingly
> effective TV drama THE WEST WING. We in Oz are behind, as usual, so the
> season finale only just viewed here last night. I have to tell you, it made
> my hair stand on end to see the good-guy Catholic Prez of the United States
> standing in the nave of a mighty cathedral denouncing god as a feckless son
> of a bitch. Granted, there was a slightly sentimental implied redemptive
> retraction in the closing moments (God doesn't *cause* fatal car crashes,
> so it's all right, there, there), but this ferocious and entirely justified
> blasphemy on a major US TV series did my heart good, I have to tell you.

I had taped this last week but only got around to watching it tonight
as well. It was incredible to see this display of anger directed at God,
after the upsurge in public declarations of religious sentiment these
past couple of weeks. Of course the episode was filmed many months ago.

Apparently the premiere episode of The West Wing, scheduled for October
3, will be pushed back a week and a special episode will be broadcast on
the 3rd relating to the terrorist attacks. I'm not sure how they will
do this, since obviously the fictional presidency in the show is not
intended to mirror the real world at all closely. However Sorkin feels
that he can say something about the attacks in the context of the show.


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