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From: Stephan Vladimir Bugaj (
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 20:19:25 MDT

The insurance industry isn't very complicated - you can insure anything
with virtually any pay-off restrictions provided you find an underwriter.
So, the answer to your question in theory is "yes" and in practice is
"find an underwriter". I'm sure Lloyds of London would do it, they'll
do almost anything :-) I'm sure an insurer would be happy, if you gave
them stats on your odds of being frozen, to adjust a standard life
insurance policy to have reduced payments for the reduced chance of
payoff. You'd just need to find a flexible underwriter...

-- S

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Natasha Vita-More wrote:

> I'm sure that when I signed up, I did not make Alcor the owner of my
> policy. I believe I am the owner, and Alcor the beneficiary. If for some
> reason I cannot be suspended, I have other arrangements for the
> beneficiaries of my policy... Natasha

Natasha's post gave me a wacky idea. What if an insurance policy
could be set up that would pay only if we get cryosuspended?

Reason: many of us here have no descendants and being objectivist
and largely atheist, have no interest in what becomes of our earthy
remains or our estates should we not be preserved for whatever
reason. (I can imagine a disturbingly large number of ways that
even an Alcor bracelet-wearer could expire without getting
preserved: perishing in a terrorist attack, disappearing without
a trace, crime victim, determined suicide, etc.)

Have we any insurance experts? Would such a policy be
set-upable? Would it be much cheaper than a standard
policy? Half? Two thirds? Have we numbers available
on persons who were signed up for cryosuspension who
did not get preserved upon their demise? spike

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