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From: James Rogers (
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 12:43:04 MDT

On 9/23/01 11:22 AM, "Spike Jones" <> wrote:
> Hmmm, ATM technology. Totally off topic to surgery, but what if...
> a bunch of terrorists, say 100, were scattered all over the world and
> each one opened a bank account with 350 bucks or equivalent. They
> each get an ATM card, made 100 copies and distributed same to all
> their droogies. Now each drooge has 100 cards and one account.
> They could get in cahoots and all have watches accurate to the
> second (cost about 40 bucks each), all log on to droogie number 1
> at exactly 1300, each enter the code, draw out 300 bucks, hit
> the enter key at 1300:00 so that the time lag would allow 30k to
> be drawn out of an account that contains only 350. Then go down
> the list to droogie number 2's account, at 1302.00 etc, thus stealing
> a pile. The time lag in processing would let em get away. spike

This couldn't happen. All banking systems use serializable levels of
transaction isolation, so the scenario you are thinking of is
algorithmically designed out of the system. Or at least I think you can
assume this is the case.

-James Rogers

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