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Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 11:46:31 MDT


On Sun, 23 Sep 2001, Tiberius Gracchus wrote:

> On Sat, 22 Sep 2001 02:03:56 -0700, you wrote:
> >This list, altho interesting, seems to have a dearth of practical
> >applications in extropy
> > things one can do right now is my main interest
> >
> >comments?
> I am a signed up cryonicist. Being a cryonicist is, very literally,
> the essence of extropianism--the act of preserving unique information
> (my brain) by thermodynamically defeating the randomization of that
> same unique information.
> If you want to apply extropianism, I think that signing up for
> cryopreservation is the best way to do that.

Cool. Pleased to meet you. I too an am applied Extropian, b/c I'm in a
research lab working on antioxidant enzyme expression (sod2) and how
it can apply to the problem of aging. I'd like to also become an
applied Extropian of the cryonics variety, so I'd like to take this
opportunity to ask if anybody knows of any cryonics arrangements that
do *not* require you to make them the *owner* of your life insurance
policy? Beneficiary is no problem, obviously, but if one has group
insurance, one cannot transfer ownership, it looks like.


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