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> I think Spike was just speaking disaragingly of the lack of mental
> processes apparent in someone who will carry out another person's
> storage capabilities, but if we had gone down the solar road we would
>have concentrated more on lower energy, high efficiency appliances >and
more effective battery technology anyway. There would be less
>combustion-related pollution too, though possibly more battery-related
>Concentrating on >solar/wind/methane/heatpump/geothermal/hydroelectric
technologies >would have had another nice effect: the developed world might
not >have felt the need to suck up to a small number of oil-rich countries,
> so might not be facing the current crisis.
> - Miriam

Couldn't agree more. For anyone interested in technology the kind of
developments Miriam mentions are truly vital now. The only reason the
politics of the Middle East have such an import for the rest of us is
because of modern civilisation's dependence on oil from that part of the
world. It's easy when getting excited over rapid technological development
in some areas to overlook the relative lack of it in others eg energy
storage technology. Steve Davies

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