PRACTICAL: Time Management

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 20:04:59 MDT

Anders Sandberg wrote,
> One issue I think might be useful to discuss is time management and
> changing habits. Any effective methods out there?

One of the best things I have ever found for time management is to get a
little electronic pocket organizer. My partner got me one for our business
work. It keeps phone numbers, to do lists, memos and the like. The best
thing is that I can jot down an idea anywhere. All my to-do's are captured,
as are things I need to do for work, things I need to get at the store, and
the like. I never forget things now. If I swing by the store on an
impulse, I have a complete shopping list with me. If someone calls me on
the phone, I have a list of all items I need to discuss with them. If I get
a meeting canceled, I have a prioritized list of other items to do already
categorized by importance and due date.

I know this seems trivial and easy, but it has organized my time and made me
so much more efficient. I always have things ready, I always capture ideas
that have been mentioned in passing, I never miss dates or appointments or
forget things that I meant to do. I also constantly review my list of
things to do and adjust their priority all the time. This constantly
reminds me to focus on things that I think are important, and prevents me
from getting distracted by lesser things.

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