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Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 10:29:00 MDT

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> > I'm sure that there are many Saudi citizens that wish
> > they had a process like impeachment. Only a few are evidently willing to
> > resort to violence instead. What bothers me is that they attack us
> > rather than the Saudi family itself. Why do we not see more anti-Saud
> > terrorism in Arabia itself? Perhaps it is because violence against
> > infidels is far more acceptable than against other believers.
> It doesn't seem likely to me that Saudi citizens were involved in the
> religious fanatic terrorism of September 11, 2001. Do you think British
> see it like that?

I think they probably were actually. The evidence so far suggests most of
them were from Saudi or the UAE (it's confusing because several were using
the identities of Saudi citizens who turn ot to be alive and living in
Jeddah etc). It was the Saudis who funded most of the Madrasseh in Pakistan
that produced the Taliban. Steve Davies

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