Re: George W. Bush's Speech on September 20, 2001

From: Mark Walker (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 16:11:39 MDT

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From: "E. Shaun Russell" <>
> I was somewhat saddened by the fact that he claimed that the country's
> closest friend was Great Britain, as opposed to Canada. However, the fact
> of the matter is that while the majority of Canadian people do support the
> US and any action it takes, the Canadian government has been anything but
> forthright in mirroring this support. I am also slightly concerned that
> Canada may have (inadvertently) harbored some of the terrorists involved
> the hijackings.
    As a Canadian I must say that I was saddened by the fact that we were
not mentioned at all. It does seem that Canada inadvertently harbored some
of the terrorists but we are not alone in this--it looks like some of the
terrorists may have been fairly well traveled.
    We were out driving the other day counting American and Canadian flags.
Our unscientific survey concluded that they are in about equal numbers right
now. A local newspaper printed an American flag and many people (including
your truly) taped them in their livingroom windows.

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