Re: Vacation time

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 16:15:45 MDT

Do you honestly believe all out war is justified when there is no
country that we are at war with? How would this possibly work or be
justified? Going in on foot and searching out terrorists camps and
groups is still limited. What do you propose instead. And why oh why
do you insist on calling people names like "lefties" who might think
actions should be different than you think they should be. Cease and
desist from the name calling and discuss the alternatives.

- samantha

Mike Lorrey wrote:
> Joe Dees wrote:
> >
> > Good riddance; unfortunately, for much too short a time. Cantcha take yer droogie Mikey with ya, PLEEZE? He's claiming that social liberals do not support a military response to the WTC attack; apparently he hasn't been checking out congressional vote
> s lately. But then again, minor inconveniences such as facts never did disturb Mikey's worldview much...
> Once again putting words in people's mouths, eh Joe?
> What I am saying is that it appears that the lefties are embracing the
> sort of limited goals, 'surgical strikes' strategies of handcuffing our
> military that worked so dismally in Vietnam, Lebanon, and all during the
> Clinton Administration. They don't want capital W War. They want little
> bitty attacks on specific targets, with absolutely no collateral damage,
> and only when everything is entirely politically correct with everyone.
> Anyone with two brain cells should be able to see what will result from
> that.

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