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>Now, the threats that are left are things like
>plastics, wood, knives, and other weapons that can be
>made or things like that which can be used as weapons.
>Here is our plan and our rules. If someone or several
>people stand up and say they are hijacking this plane,
>I want you all to stand up together. Then take
>whatever you have available to you and throw it at
>them. Throw
>it at their faces and heads so they will have to raise
>their hands to protect themselves. The very best
>protection you have against knives are the pillows and
>blankets. Whoever is close to these people should then
>try to get a blanket over their heads. Then they won't
>be able to see. Once that is done, get them down and
>keep them there. Do not let them up. I will then land
>the plane at the closest place and we WILL take care
>of them. After all, there are usually only a few of
>them and we are 200+ strong! We will not allow them to
>take over this plane. I find it interesting that the
>US Constitution begins with the words "We, the
>people"-that's who we are, THE people and we will not
>be defeated.

Execellent, excellent! In keeping with the general level of discussion and
the spirit of this mailing list with respect to WTC 911, I hereby offer my
suggestions on better ways for passengers to fiol hijackers:
1. have well-endowed, beautiful woman ride the plane, and have them strip in
front of the hijackers, so that when their attention is diverted, the rest
of the passengers can bull rush them.

2. Have poison gas in the vents and tehn the drop down oxygen masks are the
only thing that will keep you alive, thereby fioling the hijackers (also no
carryon gas masks allowed).

Do you guys have any more?

>With that, the passengers on the plane all began to
>applaud, people had tears in their eyes, and we began
>the trip toward the runway. The flight attendant then
>began the safety speech. One of the things she said is
>that we are all so busy and live our lives at such a
>fast pace. She asked that everyone turn to their
>neighbors on either side and introduce themselves,
>tell each other something about your families and
>children, show pictures, whatever. She said "for
>today, we consider you family. We will treat you as
>such and ask that you do the same with us."
>Throughout the flight we learned that for the crew,
>this was their first flight since Tuesday's tragedies.
>It was a day that everyone leaned on each other and
>together everyone was stronger than any one person
>alone. It was quite an experience. You can imagine the
>feeling when that plane touched down at Dulles and we
>heard "welcome to Washington Dulles Airport, where the
>local time is 5:40". Again, the cabin was filled with
>applause. Last night I saw a program with college
>students where one of them said that at their campus
>there are no more hyphenated titles, i.e.,
>African-American, etc., everyone is just an American.
>No one will ever be able to take that pride away from
>us. "
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