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Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 12:03:17 MDT

From: "steve" <>
> The forwarded message is typical of the opinions of a certain section of
> British society, which is, however, in a distinct minority according to most
> surveys and my own (limited) experience over the last week. I think it
> reflects both an anti-Americanism that is fashionable among the trendy
> lefties and also a kind of soft-headed sentimentality that again is endemic
> among such people. The general response is very supportive of the U.S.,
> apprehensive of what might come (for good reasons!), but increasingly
> reassured by the way the U.S. administration is playing it and determined to
> see things through. The same is true in most parts of Europe IMO. Don't pay
> too much attention to sappy intellectuals - they get a lot of coverage but
> that's about it. This kind of "the Americans brought it on themselves" stuff
> is also provoking a very hostile reaction.

Thanks for the reassurance, Steve. Non-theist Americans may still conclude
that US support of Israel does play a part in why some people hate the US.

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