Re: WTC event as a precipitating factor in anomalous REG data collection?

From: Bryan Moss (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 11:48:26 MDT

I don't know about PEAR and I haven't yet read the report Damien cited but
this made me have an immediate, explanatory (possibly flaky) thought. Let's
suppose the Many-Worlds Interpretation is true (as many here believe). If
you consider a random source vs. a intelligent agent within the MWI you may
think that "worlds split" with greater homogeneity for the intelligent agent
(I think David Deutsch suggests this in _The Fabric of Reality_ as a
connection between epistemology and physics). So then, if we can expect a
similar reponse to, say, a tragic event from a vast number of intelligent
agents - all of which embody intent and hence "split" more homogeneously -
we should expect to find "ourselves" spread further across the multiverse
and hence should expect anamolous readings from random sources to be far
more likely. Comments?


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