RE: steganography

From: David Lubkin (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 09:44:21 MDT

One of the problems not mentioned with picture steganography is that if
the feds want to clamp down, they could interfere with the traffic stream.
Insert software that detects images and randomizes the low bit before
passing it on. They might not be able to get all images, but they could
certainly get everything that passed through a US-based Internet
backbone. (With or without enabling legislation. In the old days, Ma
Bell used to do all sorts of favors for the NSA and company.)

OTOH, there's no end of clever ways to send undetectable, low bandwidth
messages. If I open the newspaper to the sports section, that's a one.
If I open to the business section, that's a zero. If I stir my coffee with a
spoon instead of a stirrer. If I post a screed about guns to extropians
instead of about qualia. If I bid on bagpipes at eBay at 11:23 vs. 11:24.

Or maybe you have a predetermined set of codes, so bidding on bagpipes
means 'attack', and the time for the attack can be computed from the amount

Hmn. I'm remembering a story about a POW who was forced to appear
on television and sent a message by blinking in morse code. Did that
actually happen or am I remembering a movie / tv show?

-- David Lubkin.

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