Re: steganography

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 01:40:04 MDT

I think the picture approach has been the mainstay of steganography, as
well as hiding messages in large amounts of text (the spam steganography
system mentioned here a few months earlier i a clever take on this,
which would make the recipient undetectable).

Another approach that might work is realtime games. What if the two
persons trying to communicate play Quake across the net? By inserting
minor jiggles in the movement pattern, you could (slowly) transmit
information in what looks otherwise like an ordinary Quake game. I don't
know the format of the data being sent, but presumably it contains
coordinate updates of where characters are, and those could be used as a
stream to add the signal to. You would need a way of handling breaks in
the stream due to the game ending. The signal could be entered aither by
having a bot program play the game (and another to save the bits of
information for post-processing) or having a program that jiggles your
movements slightly.

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