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Subject: Who Will Control The Skies?

> Please forward this e-mail to pilots, airlines,
> congressional reps, and at least 10 other people that fly
> commercial airlines. Spread this rapidly and world wide. We
> can turn the tables on terrorists and take back control of
> the skies!
> September 19, 2001
> Dr. Ignatius Piazza
> 1.800.987.7719
> Fax: 831.684.2137
> e-mail: info@frontsight.com
> http://www.frontsight.com
> Las Vegas, Nevada: Will it be American, United, TWA, Delta,
> SouthWest, or some small airline carrier that steps up and
> with one bold move commands and controls the American air
> passenger market?
> Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Founder and Director of Front Sight
> Firearms Training Institute in Las Vegas Nevada knows that
> the first airline to arm pilots and co-pilots with handguns
> to defend their cockpits, will immediately gain the market
> share of domestic and international flights. Front Sight
> Firearms Training Institute (See Press Release of September
> 12 entitled Free Gun Training For Commercial Pilots or visit
> www.frontsight.com Solution To World Trade Center/Pentagon
> Attack) has offered to train commercial pilots and co-pilots
> FREE OF CHARGE from every commercial airline that allows the
> pilot and co-pilot to carry a gun on board to defend the
> cockpit.
> Piazza states, "The first commercial airline to make the
> statement that they will arm their pilots and co-pilots with
> a handgun will have the immediate and overwhelming support
> of 80 million gun owning Americans, the pilots, and the
> public. All a commercial airline needs to do is call me and
> we can start training their pilots tomorrow-- free of
> charge." Says Piazza, "Front Sight knows the public
> overwhelmingly supports arming pilots because since our
> first press release of September 12, where we offered to
> train the pilots and co-pilots free of charge, we have been
> flooded with thousands of positive phone calls, letters, and
> e-mail from pilots, gun owners, and the public. 99.9%
> positive response to arm and train pilots. The first
> commercial airline to do the right thing and take the
> logical step to protect their passengers, flight crews, and
> aircrafts will see their public stock value soar, their
> flights fill to capacity, and gain the endless admiration of
> flight passengers around the world. I personally hope
> American or United make the first move as it would
> demonstrate a will to turn the tables on terrorists and take
> back control of the skies."
> Aaron Benedetti, a United Airlines co-pilot and Platinum
> member of Front Sight's Firearms Training Resort in Las
> Vegas agrees. "The fear of the American people is real. Air
> travel is down, way down and may never recover if we
> continue disarming passengers and pilots," says Benedetti.
> "Airlines are laying off people by the thousands. Most
> people do not know that Federal Aviation Regulation 108.11
> currently allows airlines to arm their personnel with
> handguns. I hope United is the first to do so. United could
> once again claim they fly the friendly skies and overnight,
> corner the market on armed flights. I fully support arming
> pilots and co-pilots and I have experienced Front Sight's
> training first hand. It is the best in the world. Front
> Sight's patriotism in providing training free of charge is
> truly commendable. It would be a shame for United not to be
> the first airline to take advantage of it."
> Mark Donovan, a Southwest Captain and Bronze member of Front
> Sight's Firearms Institute hopes that SouthWest is the first
> to lead the way. Donovan states, "SouthWest clearly
> dominates their market at this time and is rated #1 in
> customer service, but an upstart airline or one of our
> competitors could steal that away in a heartbeat with a
> single press release and rotation of their pilots through
> Front Sight's training courses. FAR 108.11 allows SouthWest
> to authorize it's pilots to carry a handgun on board to
> protect their cockpits. All it takes is the airline to make
> the decision. SouthWest prides itself on Positively
> Outrageous Service. What could be better service than to
> insure our passengers safety with an armed and trained
> pilot? It would make me proud to see SouthWest make the move
> first before someone else does."
> Lieutenant Bob Redmond, SWAT Commander of Nye County
> Sheriff's Department concurs that Front Sight's training is
> exactly what the commercial airliners need and that they
> should immediately begin sending their pilots to Front
> Sight. Redmond, who sends his SWAT officers to Front Sight
> for firearms and tactical training states, "Front Sight's
> training exceeds levels offered by most if not all law
> enforcement agencies throughout the country. Front Sight's
> training is so good that I want every officer we have in the
> department to attend every course Front Sight offers. If
> airlines sent their pilots to Front Sight, it would be like
> having SWAT officers in the sky."
> Paul Nelson, an American Airlines Co-pilot and reserve
> police officer for the city of Pasadena believes that in
> order to restore the confidence of the American public,
> strong and necessary steps must be immediately taken to
> empower pilots as the last line of defense of passengers and
> aircraft. Nelson emphatically states, "Front Sight and FAR
> 108.11 provide American Airlines with an easily initiated
> and meaningful step to regain passenger confidence in our
> airline. If we do not take this step, I fear that the
> public will never return to the skies as they once did."
> Nelson continues, "American Airlines has a distinct
> opportunity to turn this tragedy into triumph and make our
> domestic skies the safest in the world. As soon as the
> executives at American give the word, I am going to Front
> Sight! God bless them."
> Dr. Ignatius Piazza is no stranger to commanding an industry
> and gaining market share. Front Sight entered the firearms
> training industry as an unknown in April of 1996. Under
> Piazza's leadership Front Sight has experienced growth up to
> 300% per year and risen to the top of the industry. Front
> Sight now trains more students than all other shooting
> schools combined. Front Sight is currently developing a
> world class firearms training resort on 550 acres just 45
> minutes from Las Vegas. Front Sight's staff of over 120
> firearms instructors provide handgun, shotgun, rifle,
> submachine gun, and tactical training to law enforcement and
> law- abiding private citizens alike in a positive and
> supportive environment. Front Sight, the only facility in
> the country to offer free submachine gun courses, has
> trained over 15,000 law-abiding citizens and law enforcement
> officers free of charge in the use of the Uzi submachine gun
> in the last three years. Front Sight continues to offer its
> free submachine gun course through the end of this year.
> Front Sight has been featured positively in every major
> newspaper and on every major television network in the
> country. To date, Front Sight has accomplished its amazing
> growth and development with ongoing cash flow and without
> debt financing or investment money. Says Piazza, "Front
> Sight stands ready, willing, and able to train commercial
> airline pilots and co-pilots on a moment's notice. Which
> airline will be the one to command and control the American
> skies?" For more information visit Front Sight's web site
> at www.frontsight.com or call 1.800.987.7719
> Contact information:
> Dr. Ignatius Piazza 1.800.987.7719
> Front Sight Firearms Training Institute www.frontsight.com
> Aaron Benedetti, United Airlines Co-Pilot 925.454.5214
> Lt.Bob Redmond, Nye County SWAT Commander 775.751.7002
> Mark Donovan, SouthWest Airlines Pilot 702.270.3912
> Paul Nelson, American Airlines Co-Pilot 949.498.7815
> http://www.frontsight.com

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