RE: New Airport Security still SUCKS

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 13:58:24 MDT

If a person wants to kill a bunch of other people, it's really not that
hard. The WTC terrorists could have walked right up into the WTC with a big
fat bomb in a suitcase in a wheeled carryall, gotten in an elevator, gotten
off on a floor with a common bathroom, and placed it in a bathroom stall,
jammed the stall lock and walked away, and ten minutes later, kablooey! You
could blow up the building...I suppose...Professional workaholics carry
these suitcases on wheels into these skyscrapers every day. And, in the
middle of the day, you can walk right into the elevators and right into a
publicly accessible bathroom. Can you get enough kablooey stuff into one of
those suitcases to take down a power tower?

Anyway, if you can get enough explosives into a suitcase, the point is that
they could have taken out just about all of the power towers in the USA in
one day--no suicide needed. THey can still do that (well, now we have the
guards checking IDs before people get into elevators, but that won't last
that long....)

As long as you have a bunch of people on the other side of the world,
protected by their own culture and countrymen, and they have declared war on
the USA, and the USA has defacto open borders, then they can probably take
out the business culture in the USA....

I don't know if that would be all that big a loss, though. I used to believe
in the Business Culture, but as a cryonicist, I wonder if I wouldn't stand a
better chance of in a cryo-commune, with us making our own LN2....the only
problem is, who is gonna develop the nanotech...and make that beautiful

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