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As a useful view of reality, probably not.

> Subject: The New War-ld Order - America's New War
> The New War-ld Order - America's New War
> By Richard Sauder, PhD

Aside from the fact that the piece posted was internally inconsistent and
written in a style commonly seen on conspiracy theory web sites, I tend to
be skeptical of anything someone says if they claim to receive their
marching orders from mysterious voices (see below). Richard Saunders has
also written about UFO's, underground alien bases, and aliens (in cahoots
with the CIA no doubt) trying to control our minds.

Stuff like this is unfortunate in that it makes the whole subject of
dangerous political trends appear ridiculous. Greg Burch recently posted a
message that referred derisively to "the black helicopter crowd." A few
years ago I was actually visited by a BATF helicopter and several carloads
of police on the ground who entered my land without my permission and with
no search warrant. Their probable cause was that there were a couple of
shrubs growing on my land that looked like marijuana from the air; and that
I had a shed covered with a camouflage colored tarp (the reason for this was
that that particular tarp was the only one that was the size I needed when I
went to the store to buy a tarp). You don't need a conspiracy theory to
explain this. All you have to do is look at the statutes and the case law. I
think people need to be aware of the consequences of laws that give broad
powers to the police, but I hesitate to even bring up the topic for fear of
being classified with the "black helicopter crowd."

You don't need a CIA conspiracy theory to predict that there will be abuses
of laws that give broad powers to enforcement agencies and bureaus to
eavesdrop on private conversations. Statistically, each one of us is more
likely to suffer harm from a powerful central government with broad police
powers than from terrorists. Sadly, I don't think there's a lot any of us
can do to prevent this. The next question that comes to my mind is, what is
the best way to live under conditions where a central government has broad
police powers.


The author, Richard Sauder, PhD , November 16, 1998
Why I wrote Underground Bases and Tunnels....
There are a number of reasons why I wrote "Underground Bases and Tunnels."
To begin with, it is a book I wanted to read, but couldn't find in the
library or bookstore. So I wrote it myself! The entire subject of secret
underground bases has intrigued me ever since I first heard rumors about
them ten years ago. But I never thought I would write a book about them,
until late one night over the Holidays in 1992 I was awakened from a sound
sleep by a mysterious voice that matter-of-factly told me: "The underground
bases are real...." Imagine my surprise! I listened quietly as the voice
told me that indeed there are secret underground bases, with people living
and working in them, carrying out projects that the average person would be
very surprised to know about. And then the voice stopped speaking. I still
do not know whose voice I heard-- but I did subsequently go out and do a
methodical piece of research that resulted in "Underground Bases and
Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?"

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