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Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 12:08:08 MDT


>As a reminder, here are the Extropian Principles as currently
>defined by Max More, from

>1. Perpetual Progress
>2. Self-Transformation
>3. Practical Optimism
>4. Intelligent Technology
>5. Open Society
>6. Self-Direction
>7. Rational Thinking

>Of these, I think Open Society and Self-Direction are the most
>relevant to understanding the current crisis. The Arab nations
>lack openness, and people are generally not able to direct their
>own lives, especially women.

Indeed, if we don't let them establish a Muslim theocracy we will
be accused of interferring.

Since I believe in universal sufferage, I say interfere.

>It is difficult to maintain faith in Perpetual Progress and
>Practical Optimism in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.
>Perhaps with time and perspective we will be able to adopt a more
>hopeful attitude.

Actually I think that eliminating world terrorism and establishing
a new democracy where before their was a theocratic dictatorship
qualifies under both principals.

>The idea of Intelligent Technology has prompted a number of
>suggestions, most of them not very practical. I think part of the
>problem is that we are thinking of how to apply IT to warfare.
>But the military is already expert in that. I think we do better
>taking a longer term perspective and thinking about how to open up
>these societies and bring them into a more Extropian worldview.

I thought yesterdays posts about inexpensive communications
technology covered part of this, but in a country with very little
technology any would be considered more intelligent.

A country like Afghanistan with little or poor communications
infrastructure could leapfrog ahead of other countries by adopting
newer wireless technology. Give the 802.11b boys something to do.


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