Someone tell the president about our great ideas!!

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 15:18:25 MDT

Someone really needs to gather together the best posts ExI listmembers have
written regarding this crisis, and send them to President Bush. Or perhaps
the very best points we came up with can be boiled down to one not too long
paper for him. I'm not sure his advisors will be half as insightful as the
people around here.

I suppose I should take upon myself this very important matter. I just
worry my email will be lost among all the others sent to the Whitehouse
website. Should I start with my local congressman and senator first, in the
hope they will pass it along?

Robert Bradbury sure gave us some food for thought with his genocide
scenario. It might feel really cathartic to do, but it would be like
fighting a B movie monster where the army drops bombs on it, only to find
the monster has split into many creatures, and is now infinitely more
powerful. Not too mention how the neighboring nations would really resent
the much higher cancer rates they would then have to deal with.

My friend George Smith on cryonet REALLY does want a nuclear strike on
Afghanistan. He believes it would show we mean business. But, being the
sensible fellow he is, George only would go for a tactical nuke being used
at this point. And the avalanche of criticism he has gotten does not sway
him one bit.

I suspect the president may like Eliezer's hypothetical ground invasion, but
I doubt Colin Powell will... lol Experienced soldiers for some odd reason
are not so keen on loosing the dogs of war(and the whole damn kennel for
this one) unless absolutely necessary.

I am sure glad Anders, Eliezer and Harvey among others are here on the list
as voices of reason and compassion. I do realize though Robert was simply
playing, "Devil's Advocate." If I had a sister I would be proud to see her
date any of them. : )

Good ideas have been brought up on the list, but I know even without us the
president will get to see many options requiring various levels of cost in
terms of money, time and sadly also freedom. I hope Bush is smarter then he
looks. Maybe on second thought I will send him our ideas...

My own idea is to assemble a crack covert operations team made up of Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Steven
Segall, Lorenzo Lamas, David Dudikoff, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren and
Woody Allen!

Of course they are not real soldiers, but it won't matter. My hope is
Taliban soldiers will have been exposed to at least some American action
films before things got so strict. And even a militant Taliban guy I bet
secretly has a love for movies with lots of shooting and explosions!

When the Afghan troops see these American icons coming their way they will
freeze in terror, run away totally demoralized, or beg for their pictures
to be taken with the stars! Reality and fantasy will merge in their minds
as they remember how in 'Commando' Arnold killed so many bad guys he began
to look really bored!

At some point poor Woody Allen will be captured! He will be taken to a
fortress high in the mountains where the evil leaders are all hiding out.
Woody will continue to defy them with snide comments said quietly behind
their backs...

This occurrence will enrage the Hollywood commandos. They will storm the
place and kill everyone in sight to save their pal. Woody will ask if they
could have maybe used just a little less violence to rescue him, as he
worries the blood stains on his new outfit may never come out.

The people of Afghanistan will cheer the movie stars and crown Arnold
Schwarzenegger their king. Arnold will finally get to have the harem he has
always wanted, but Maria wouldn't let him to have.

It will turn out later in the media that in fact EVERYONE in the Hollywood
commandos(including Woody Allen) was a navy seal at one time, with the
exception of Steven Segall. ; )

best wishes,


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