RE: TERRORISM: Is genocide the logical solution?

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 07:48:28 MDT

Spike Jones wrote,
> Perhaps we must admit that on the event horizon of deed so
> horrifying and morally reprehensible as to elude sane analysis,
> our extropic notions and individualistic objectivist theory breaks
> down as completely as do all the other methods of calculus
> of the suffering of humanity. spike

But let's not kid ourselves and call the replacement "Extropianism". If
people want to give up on our ideas of Extropianism, Freedom or Rationality
is the face of opposition, so be it. This is a test of the system. If
people don't believe the system works, they should by all means find another
system to believe in. But don't introduce genocide, terrorism, and marshal
law while trying to argue that these things may really be extropic. They
are not. If people want to radically change what they believe in, they
should find a descriptive label for their new beliefs. Trying to link an
establish movement to new ideas alien to it just confuses its meaning.

Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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