Re: short-selling before the attack?

From: scerir (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 07:09:01 MDT

> > Difficult as it is to fathom, it looks as though some wealthy individuals
> > were already shorting stock in reinsurance companies quite heavily for
> > a couple weeks before the WTC/Pentagon attacks, and there are (quite
> > possibly unsubstantiated) rumours of links to Bin Laden.

The Italian newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera" reported saturday
that the FBI is looking into possible short selling of the stocks
of insurance and reinsurance companies in the *four* trading
days before the terrorist attacks on 9-11. Many "defensive" stocks
- AXA in France, Allianz and Munich Re in Germany,
Zurich and Swiss Re in Switzerland, Alleanza and Ras in Italy -
dropped deeply (>>10 percent) in the week before the attack.

> This could also leave to a nice application: the CIA should observe the
> market movements to predict and prevent terror attacks. It would clearly
> an extropic approach.

That could be difficult. Many italian traders reported anomalous patterns
in charts at 14.42 (Milan time). Just 3 minutes before the attack. Orders
from "insiders"?


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