TERRORISM: the most implausible scenario

From: Robert J. Bradbury (bradbury@aeiveos.com)
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 23:13:33 MDT

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be offline in reflective consideration.
Yes, I know that even raising this perspective is going to doom
me to exile in the swamps by a majority of list members.

However, this is a list that is "supposed" to be based on
the "rational" discussion of ideas and perspectives.

First, I want to preface the discussion by explaining to list
members that over the last 6-8 years I've spent an extensive
amount of time (20-30% of my life) in Russia. That experience has
fundamentally changed my American perspective that everything is as
it "appears to be" to one of doubt, suspicion and questioning that
everything is *not* as it appears to be. So before you jump all
over my perspective, please ask yourselves the question of
"What if you are wrong?" -- "What if perhaps I might have an
insight into a reality that does in fact exist and operates
in the "real" world". I'm as hesitant as the next person to
jump onto the next conspiracy bandwagon -- but to fail to
look for conspiracies where they might really exist is foolish.

Some people on the list may be aware of the history of bombings in
Russia that have been attributed to the Chechnyans over the last
several years. However, if one observes the bombings very carefully --
where and when they occur, how they are utilized in the state-manipulated
press, etc. and if one is aware of the Russian history and mindset --
one must begin to ask whether or not the bombings were "arranged" to promote
specific political agendas.

I will now raise the unspeakable question -- could the recent
"terrorist" events have been engineered by U.S. politicians?

The benefits are obvious -- a payback to the religions "right",
significantly diminished barriers towards getting increased
"crime fighting" agendas through Congress, increased law enforcement
"rights", etc.

The objections are obvious as well -- such a collection of individuals
would never be "air-tight", no true Americans or foreigners would
ever choose to behave in this way, etc.

As much as I am repulsed by the concept, I am forced to point out
that *if* foreign nationals could be trained or indoctrinated towards
behaving in irrational and unextropic patterns (the bin Laden camp)
one has to seriously question whether or not U.S. citizens or foreign
nationals (with an otherwise neutral agendas) could not also be persuaded
to behave in the same way?

Hopefully stimulating thought rather than reactions,

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