Re: Human lives: Do the math (was: Impact on history)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 14:34:05 MDT

Adrian `Guru Zeb` Harper wrote:
> At 05:52 17/09/01, you wrote:
> John K Clark Wrote
> >And another thing, who do you think is more likely to advance
> >the singularity, the average resident of Wall Street or the
> >average resident of Afghanistan who can not read or write in any
> >language?
> I can't really excuse analysis based on this kind of thinking.
> Wall street banker=100pts Poor afghan peasant=1pt. What ppl who
> are indulging in here.Is not only the same kind of narrow sighted
> relativism that allows ppl to butcher others, who they rate as being
> of lesser value. Precisely the kind of value the 911 fanatics must
> have held.
> But no one seems to consider the lost potential.

We consider it all the time, and see that much of the world doesn't give
a damn. Abortion, for example, is a fine example of most people not
caring about lost potential. More have been aborted than killed by
genocide and communist oppression in the 20th century. They are just
potential, not 'real' human beings, so most people automatically give
those lives less worth according to their value system.

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