MORALITY: making tradeoffs (was: a topic we will not discuss)

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 11:24:34 MDT

Anders asked me:
> "Robert, what do you consider human life and transhumanism to
> be about?"

I consider human life to be first about "survival". If you can't
manage that, then transhumanism is a moot point. He has also
pointed out that we cannot easily use the Extropian Principles
as ethical guidelines. He is correct that my approach to this
has been primarily an attempt to maximize the overall preservation
of life, leaving aside ethical considerations. Numerous people
have pointed out any number of flaws with the suggested approach
and have proposed some quite novel alternatives. James has pointed
out that this situation may not be as bad from a military standpoint
as we have been led to believe.

I think I'm going to sit back and spend some time reflecting
on some of the points that have been made to see if I can
effectively integrate them.

Thanks to all for the feedback.

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