Re: AI's at risk from viral memes ??

From: Miriam English (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 20:32:40 MDT

At 03:31 AM 17/09/2001, John Clark wrote:
>Adrian `Guru Zeb` Harper <> Wrote:
> >How could we guarantee that such an AI would not become infected
> with the
> >same religious viral memes that afflict so many humans.
>Religious memes are powerful in human beings because humans are mortal.
>Eliminate death and you eliminate religion.

We are unlikely to eliminate death in the near future, even for AIs. While
we may eliminate natural death as a result of aging, death from accident
will remain a problem for a long time to come, even with multiple
backups... and then there is the problem of people wondering if they go to
a "better" place if they let themselves die.

I agree with Zeb. Religious memes are likely to take up residence in AI
minds too. We need effective counter-memes to innoculate against that.


         - Miriam

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