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Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 17:53:53 MDT

On Sun, Sep 16, 2001 at 11:52:32AM -0400, Mike Lorrey wrote:
> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> >
> > Also, there is another factor here. If the US really considers itself at
> > war with Bin Laden, then the laws of war apply. And one decision that
> > was made a few years ago when various fake Milosovic statements began to
> > circulate on the net was to make forging capitulation statements,
> > pictures or videos of enemy leaders and similar stuff a war crime. So
> > making a fake picture of Bin Laden might actually be a serious offence
> > for the moment in the US! Of course, a lot depends on whether the US is
> > formally at war or not, something everybody seems to be confused about.
> I've never heard of this. Please explain.

Here is the Slashdot entry where I learned of it
unfortunately the link to Federal Computing Week has expired. Ah,
some quick digging produced:

"Falsely communicating misinformation using altered images or
documents, a strategy that the Defense Department has considered,
would be a war crime, according to a DOD study released last

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