Re: Greg Johnson on dropping the alliance with Israel

From: Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 12:40:35 MDT

Thanks for the bits, Barbara. I left the relevant bits below (what i thought was
relevant in any case). To me, this sounds like there was no specific help for
israel before 1971 (all military aid in the form of loans (i wouldn't even
consider this aid), and it being smaller than the aid to the arab countries), and
what was there was insignificant ($277 million in 22 years comes to $10 million a
year, negligible in a military budget). So i would say israel did ok without US
support for half the wars? (takeover, sinai, six day, war of attrition, almost
yom kipur?)

* Barbara Lamar <> [010917 04:15]:
> I've used several sources here to minimize error. I think I've used a fairly
> comprehensive range of viewpoints, and they all seem to agree on the basic
> point that Israel has always received aid from the US government.
> shows an average of $74 million per
> year 1949 - 1969
> Israel has received more direct aid from the United States since World War
> II than any other country, but the amounts for the first half of this period
> were relatively small. Between 1949 and 1973, the U.S. provided Israel with
> an average of about $122 million a year, a total of $3.1 billion (and
> actually more than $1 billion of that was loans for military equipment in
> 1971-73) . Prior to 1971, Israel received a total of only $277 million in
> military aid, all in the form of loans as credit sales. The bulk of the
> economic aid was also lent to Israel. By comparison, the Arab states
> received nearly three times as much aid before 1971, $4.4 billion, or $170
> million per year. Moreover, unlike Israel, which receives nearly all its aid
> from the United States, Arab nations have gotten assistance from Asia,
> Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and the European Community. Congress first
> designated a specific amount of aid for Israel (an "earmark") in 1971.

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