RE: Greg Johnson on dropping the alliance with Israel

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 09:27:59 MDT

But the main reason the US must support Israel at all costs is that Israel
is its only reliable ally in a region that contains something like 2/3 of
the world's proven oil reserves. Even if the US were not now totally
dependent on imported oil to maintain its economy, its economy is largely
dependent on foreign trade, which depends on oil obtained from a limited
number of locations worldwide.

Oil is crucial in almost every industry from agriculture up. Without a
steady supply of oil at relatively low prices, there would be a transition
stage (to a new sort of economy) of a scope that is difficult to imagine.
Negative ma'am. The United States can do just fine by opening up
Alaska and contenting itself with the petroleum rescources here in
the Western Hemisphere. In truth that's likely one reason why
liberals want to conserve Alaska (regardless of what rights and
wishs of Alaskan state citizens) and lock up the state in a straitjacket
of Wetlands Laws and various pseudo-Green nonsense.
  An America that utilized it's own rescources and those of it's
natural (geographically adjacent) allies would not NEED to
be playing realpolitik on the behalf of Tel Aviv (and would not
need the "Excuse" of middle east oil). I suspect Europe
might have to pay it's own way a bit more then.....
   What's weird is fossil fuel economies are on their last surge
before they are abandoned...why are we "saving" supplies in
the Western Hemisphere at the cost of American lives?

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